Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful woman in the world. My mom would have been 65 today. I really miss her.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 1 on Weight Watchers...

I lost 4.5lbs! Yay! I know I won't continue to lose this much but it makes me happy to see that it is working so far. Last night I bought a used treadmill from someone on Craigslist, it's not fabulous but seems to work so hopefully I can keep losing at a healthy pace.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Weight Watchers

So today I officially signed up for Weight Watchers Online. My first day and I already went 2 points into my weekly points. You really don't realize how much/what you eat until you have to track everything. I wouldn't have gone over but mid afternoon I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts not even thinking about it and it turned out to be 5 points for 1/4 cup! Oops!

In my search for low point foods/snacks, I found this recipe for banana soft serve. It is made only with bananas and it is GOOD! It is also 0 points for weight watchers. Gotta love that!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am a Target addict. I simply cannot go in that store and not spend $50 or more. Last night I went there looking for a sled for the boys and spent $65. I bought everything BUT the sled. They didn't have any. I think I need help!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bath and Body Works

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that place! So of course when I saw the Groupon for $10 for $20 or $15 for $30 at Bath & Body Works' Online Store, I ran for the credit card. As I was reaching for it, I got a mental picture of the shelf in my bedroom that has (probably) 15 or more partially used bottles of various spays and lotions from Bath and Body Works that I really should use up before I buy more. So, is it a great deal? Yes. Do I need it? No.

I just saved $15 and kept a little extra clutter from growing in my bedroom...gotta love that :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CVS'ing Late This Week

For something to do and to get some exercise, JJ and I went for a walk to CVS today. I did pretty good, here is what I got:

(2) Jumbo Pampers Diapers $8.88 ea - (2) $1.75 mfg coupons
(1) Tide Laundry Detergent 50oz - $5.97
(2) Dawn Dish Detergent $.97 ea - (1) $1.00 mfg coupon and (1) $.25 mfg coupon
(4) Single size Pretzel M&M's $.50 ea - (2) B1G1 coupons
(2) Ring Pops $.89 ea (for the boys)
(1) Bottle of water $1.29 (for the walk home)

Subtotal: $30.74 plus tax

In addition to the mfg coupons I used $10.00 in CVS bucks and a $4/20 CVS coupon

Total out of pocket: $12.08

No bucks back but I did get a rain check for a free 8 pack of Bounty Paper Towels for buying $25.00 worth of Procter and Gamble products.

Oh and to be good for the environment, I used my Penn State reusable grocery bag :)

All in all not a bad trip.


If you like cooking (which I am starting to more) you know that spices can be expensive right? Did you know that all spice, taco seasoning, seasoned salts, etc. are just common spices mixed together and sold under a different name? Why spend the extra money when you can make them up as you need them or even make them ahead of time with spices you probably already have?

Yesterday I was making a recipe that I found in a magazine and it called for seasoned salt. I checked my spice cabinet and found out that I didn't have any so I went online and found out what was in it and made up some of my own. It saved me a trip to the store and some money because not only did I not have to buy it but I also did not purchase any impulse items while I was there. It saved me about $20.00 or so that I probably would have spent.

Here is the recipe for the seasoned salt that I made yesterday. This makes a big batch so you can save some for later, just store it in an air tight container. If you need less you can always cut the recipe in half. It was REALLY good on the chicken that I made in the crock pot.

Seasoned Salt

What you need:

8 tbsp salt
3 tbsp pepper
2 tbsp paprika
1/2 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp garlic powder

An airtight container

What to do:

Mix everything up. You might want to try using a food processor or a grinder for a fine grind.

Recipe credit goes to Life

And if your curious, this is the recipe I made and it was REALLY good. I made one slight change, I put the chicken in the crock pot for 4 hours instead of grilling so it could cook while I did other things.

Carolina Shredded Chicken from Family Circle Magazine